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Finding Your Pearls Life Coaching

Friends. Homework. Sports. Boys. Being a tennager isn't always easy. Sometimes you just need someone to talk to.

Advice. Life. Empowerment. Ambitions. Self-Esteem. Friendship. Confidence.

TEENS AGES: 12 -18

Have You Ever...

...wanted to talk to someone about challenges in your life? This could include:

  • Dealing with teasing peers
  • Talking with your parents
  • Not liking the image you see in the mirror
  • Telling someone you like him/her…or not
  • Gaining some independence from parents

Maybe your parents "just don't understand," or your best friend doesn't know what advice to give you. Whatever your challenges, these can negatively influence the way you see yourself, your world, and your relationships, now and in the future. Face these challenges now. A non-bias, trusted life coach can help.

The 4-1-1

As a teen, you create your sense of self by following the winding path to becoming a young adult. Are you happy with the path you are navigating now? As a life coach, I provide a safe, non-judgmental environment where I listen to the challenges, hopes, fears, and dreams of teens like you while guiding and supporting you toward life goals. What challenges are you facing now? What would you like to accomplish in life? Topics may include:

  • RELATIONSHIPS: Parents, Peers, Friends, Significant Others
  • SELF: Body Image, Esteem, Confidence
  • SCHOOL: Grades, Time Management, College Prep

See yourself leading a more happy, healthy, productive, and successful life! Being a teen today can be hard, and it can be a lot of fun. I'm here to guide you on this awesome journey! Take a critical first step. Contact me for a FREE 20-minute phone consultation.

Free Resources

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Note: If you are under the age of 18, a parent consultation and signed parent consent form will be required to sign up for personalized coaching.


Ariana had body image insecurities and concerns about her relationships. I coached Ariana on:

  • Learning to appreciate and take care of her body.
  • Balancing her life between school, family, church and extracurricular activities.
  • Learning how to communicate better with her siblings.
  • Exploring the world of boys, both emotionally and how best to communicate with them.

Name changed to protect identity.

quote leftKaren is the fairy godmother that every Cinderella needs. When life brought me down and made me feel shabby, you were there to make me feel like a princess again. Not just on the outside, but on the inside, where it counts the most. I can already feel myself growing into the confident, smart woman that can take on anything in life! quote right

Age 18

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