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Finding Your Pearls Life Coaching

Bring your challenges & leave with ideas to overcome them.

Advice. Life. Empowerment. Ambitions. Self-Esteem. Friendship. Confidence.


How I Work

Coaching sessions are held weekly for 55-minutes in person, on the
phone or via Skype. No need to worry about transportation or boring waiting rooms.

a pearl in a shell

Weekly "lifework" (homework) keeps us both on track by helping to assess yourself, set goals, take action, receive support, accept personal responsibility, and sustain results. Bring your challenges and leave with opportunities to overcome them!

quote leftMy personal and professional experiences have paved my way for developing creative and positive approaches to support teens, young adults, and their families. My goal is to provide a safe, non-judgmental environment where you can explore challenges, ask questions, and express your thoughts and feelings freely. Since 1993, I have designed and delivered leadership programs for high school and college students, and new through mid-level managers. I have conducted one-on-one, small group, and classroom facilitation. What can I do for you? quote right

Why Life Coaching vs. Therapy

Individuals may be hesitant to see a "therapist" to address issues. Seeking the assistance of a Life Coach can offer families and individuals another opportunity to address challenges.

In addition, life coaching can be a fun experience. In contrast to therapy, where the therapist is often the expert, coaching is a collaborative effort between coach and client. The focus is helping to create a vision of the life you would like, and supporting you on your journey towards that goal.

Therapists play a critical role in exploring some deep-rooted life issues. If I feel a therapist may be better suited for you or your child's challenges, we can discuss options. I can also collaborate with therapist to optimize results.


Customized to Suit Your Needs

In addition to life coaching, I offer:

  • Programs—A full-day to multi-day interactive group discussion on multiple topics.
  • Workshops—A 90-minute to 4-hour interactive group discussion on one or more topics.
  • Speaking Engagements—Any 15- to 60-minute presentation on a specific topic.

Audiences range from all of one gender to coed, and a variety of ages. Great for parent-child events! Group size depends on the topics covered, time allotted, and client needs. What objectives do you have for your event?

Why Group Events Work

Based on your topic, audience, and objectives, benefits to events may include:

  • More cost efficient per person
  • Individuals get to work with others
  • Obtain accountability partners for goals set during the sessions
  • Length of programs give more opportunity for hands-on learning
  • Great for classes, Girl & Boy Scouts, PTAs & PTOs, ASBs, sororities & fraternities, sport teams, social & professional organizations, and other intact groups
  • Group gets experience at the same time

What's Your Next Step?

Contact me for a FREE 20-minute phone consultation or to discuss a group event.


Events: Life Coaching:
Goal Setting Personal Growth
Career Planning Health & Well-being
Time & Stress Management Relationships
Public Speaking & Presentations Academics
Personality Preference & Differences College Preparation
Communication & Interpersonal Relationships Career Planning
Team Building Financial Management
Giving & Receiving Feedback Leadership

quote leftKaren's caring and personal investment set off a chain of events that in the end created an experience that has literally changed my life. Without her an expensive training course would have been wasted but more importantly, my life would not be as fulfilling and enjoyable as it is today.quote right

—Bill Taff
Program Participant

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