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Being a parent to a teenager is an adventure. Sometimes she just needs a little direction.

Advice. Life. Empowerment. Ambitions. Self-Esteem. Friendship. Confidence.


Have You Ever...

...wanted to talk to someone about your child? This could include:

  • Communicating easier with him/her
  • Encouraging a positive self-image
  • Motivating him/her to do better in school
  • Supporting him/her down the path of life success
  • Supporting his/her autonomy
  • Recognizing and handling changes in his/her behavior

The Situation & Challenge

Adolescence is a critical stage in our development. During this time, teen girls solidify their sense of self and negotiate the winding path to becoming young adults. They transition from a stage of dependence to independence where they are uncovering and developing their own identity. In their 20s, young adults are faced with an array of life decisions from education and a career to relationships and possibly starting a family. This evolution to adulthood can be both gratifying and confusing.

According to Stephen Hindshaw (psychologist and author of The Triple Bind), teen girls are facing more life challenges than we faced in our youth. As a result, many are showing symptoms of emotional pain and stress. If not addressed, these symptoms can leave them emotionally vulnerable. This can negatively affect their current and future sense of self and relationships with others.

quote leftHow do we support our children so they can have a happy, healthy, productive, and more successful life? Together, we can work towards more effective parent-child communication and discover solutions to challenges your child is experiencing. quote right

It Takes a Village

Raising teens and young adults is an incredible journey filled with joy, love, and inevitable growing pains.  These growing pains are a normal part of parenting.  We don't always have the answers or direction to handle parenting challenges. At the same time, it can be a time of connecting and communicating in ways you haven't imagined.

Research conducted by Rachel Simmons (educator and author of Odd Girl Out) indicates that teen girls do best when they have consistent and predictable love, support, and connection with their parents. You are one of your child's greatest advocates. However, we are often dealing with our own life challenges, and not always as available to our child as we would wish. It has been said that "It takes a whole village to raise a child." As part of the "village," I am a caring and professional life coach available to support you and your family. I have found with my own children that sometimes they can hear a message from a trusted adult who is not a parent that which they cannot hear from their own parent.

How I Can Support You

As a life coach I listen to the challenges, hopes, fears, and dreams of teens (age 12-18) and young adults (age 18 to approximately 30). Starting with where you child is in life, topics may include:

  • SELF IMAGE: Esteem, Confidence, Body Image
  • RELATIONSHIPS: Parents, Peers, Significant Others & Marriage
  • ACADEMICS: Study Skills, Stress & Time Management, Organization & Prioritization
  • CAREER: Resume, Job Search, Interviews, Leadership Skills
  • LIFE SKILLS: Financial Organization, Establishing a Place of Their Own

I help to provide awareness, tools and support your child needs to meet their present and future challenges leveraging their emotions and experiences. See your child leading a more happy, healthy, productive, and successful life!

Your Call to Action

Your child's teen years and young adulthood can be challenging, adventurous, and a lot of fun. I'm here to help you make it an incredible journey! Take a critical first step. Contact me for a FREE 20-minute phone consultation.

Note: For clients under the age of 18, a parent consultation and signed parent consent form will be required to sign up for personalized coaching.

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Tracy struggled to balance her school work, extra-cirricular activities and social life and was showing symptoms of stress. I coached Tracy on:

  • Exploring what she wanted and didn't want in a dating relationship to effectively make decisions about her current and future relationships
  • Establishing a weekly schedule to organize and manage her life
  • Identifying stressors in her life and practicing stress management techniques
  • Name changed to protect identity.

quote leftKaren's coaching has taken a bit of pressure off of me being a single parent. She has helped out with a female perspective for Caitlin to follow. I think things would have been different if Caitlin didn't have the opportunity to work with Karen…Caitlin would have had less direction in life, and less guidance academically, socially, and in those things that only a woman can add a perspective to.quote right

—Caitlin's Dad

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