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Finding Your Pearls

“It’s not what’s

under the Christmas tree

that matters,

it’s who’s around it.”


Christmas Quote

No matter what holiday you are celebrating this season, focus on the gift of “presence,” not presents.
Being with those you love and care about may be the most precious gift of all.
It’s priceless!
Happy Holidays!

Advice. Life. Empowerment. Ambitions. Self-Esteem. Friendship. Confidence.

Weekly Quote

“I know what I really want for Christmas:  

I want my childhood back.

… A child who is impractical, unrealistic, simpleminded,

and terrible vulnerable to joy.”

~ Robert Fulghum, All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten

Robert Fulgham Quotes

No matter what holiday you are celebrating this season, I hope you search deep inside for that simple-minded joy of a child, and just have fun.
Make snow-angles. Light a fire in the fireplace. Drink hot cocoa with little marshmallows. Pick pine cones. Have a snowball fight. Sing silly holiday songs.
For just 10 minutes, give yourself the gift of JOY by just being a kid again.
Happy Holidays!

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