Coach Karen

Finding Your Pearls

“I tried carrying the weight of the world,

but I only have two hands.”

~ “Wake me up,” Avicii



I Only Have Two Hands

What’s weighing you down?
What have you taken on that can be postponed, delegated, or otherwise taken off your “To Do List.”
Feel the lifted weight off your shoulders by focusing only on that which you can do with ease and joy.

Advice. Life. Empowerment. Ambitions. Self-Esteem. Friendship. Confidence.

Weekly Quote

Time Flies

Time Change Quote

Happy Fall Forward!

For those that this effects, don’t forget to move your clock forward 1 hour this weekend.

Time is precious. What do YOU plan to do with your extra hour?

Exercise? Snuggle with a loved one? Read? Jump start on that new project? Bubble bath? Study for an important test?

Don’t waste your time. Plan now!

“The bad news is
time flies.
The good news is
you’re the pilot.”
~ Michael Altshuler

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