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Finding Your Pearls

“Imagine life as a game in which you are juggling 5 balls

in the air…  work, family, health, friends and spirit. …

work is a rubber ball. … But the other four balls …

are made of glass. …”

~ Bryan Dyson

Bryan Dyson Juggle Quote

Stop for a moment and think.
What aspect of your life are you giving highest importance to right now – work, family, health, friends, or spirit?
How does that hinder or help your overall “life balance”?
Are you taking care of yourself first?
Are you letting “work” or a growing “to do” list get in the way of living a health, fulfilled, and satisfying life?
If not, what needs to change to make that happen?
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Advice. Life. Empowerment. Ambitions. Self-Esteem. Friendship. Confidence.

Personal Growth

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.” ~ Henry David Thoreau

Life is about learning and personal growth.  Whether you are a tween, teen, young adult, adult, or parent of one, the evolution of personal growth can be both gratifying and confusing.  Personal Growth resources include:

  • Events – List of upcoming personal growth events
  • Self-Awareness – developing character, assessing personality preferences, understanding values
  • Confidence & Self-Esteem
  • Motivation & Inspiration
  • Goal Setting – setting goals, creating vision “boards”
  • Leadership Potential – developing leadership potential, attending community service organizations
  • Driving


Being clear about yourself helps you make better life decisions.  Therefore, being self-aware helps to make sure your actions are in alignment with your character, personality preferences, and values.

Assessing Personality Preferences

Understanding Values


Confidence and self-esteem are the ways you think and feel about yourself.  Having a healthy dose of self-esteem and confidence can lead to a more successful and satisfying life.  They can be gained at any time in your life.


Motivation causes us to act, whether it is to eat to reduce hunger or read a book to gain knowledge.  Inspiration is the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially something creative.


Harvard Business School study showed that the top 3% of successful people are successful because they have written, specific goals.  What do you want change in your life?  Setting Goals and using a vision “board” can help you get there.

Setting Goals

Creating Vision “Boards”


Developing leadership during adolescence can enhance self-esteem, prevent risky behavior, and serve as a springboard for successful adulthood.  Here are some ways to development the leadership potential as well as a list of community service organizations specifically design to development leadership potential in girls and young women.

Developing Leadership Potential

Attending Community Service Organizations

  • Girl Scouts —  World’s preeminent organization dedicated solely to girls—all girls—where, in an accepting and nurturing environment, girls build character and skills for success in the real world.
  • Sprites – Began in 1968 as an organization to teach teen girls, grades 7-12, the value of volunteering in their community, while building strong relationships with others.


What does this have to do with “personal growth”?  For many teens, driving is one of the key teen privileges which helps gain a sense of independence from parents and further establish a sense of identity.   With privileges, comes responsibility.  Here are some tips on how to obtain and maintain a driver’s license.

quote leftThanks for your willingness to share your own personal story…doing so humanizes and makes more accessible the process of self-development, and energizes us all to face and engage our own challenges and demons as an ongoing process.quote right

—Hazel Symonette
Program Participant

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