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“You’ll always miss

100% of the shots

you never take.”

~ Wayne Gretzky


Take the Shot

When is the last time you had an opportunity present itself to you that you chose not to take … and now regret?
What stood in your way?
What’s going to prevent you from taking advantage of opportunities in the future?
Like any great sports player, practice!
Get clear on what you want in your life, work to make it happen, and practice saying “YES!” to those opportunities when they arise.
Go for it!

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College Tours: 10 Quick Tips

College Tours:  10 Quick Tips

College Tours: 10 Quick Tips

From elementary school through high school, if you are eventually going to college, don’t wait until your senior year in high school to take a tour.  Start young!

Here are some quick tips to make the most of an impromptu tour THIS MONTH

  1. Visit While in Session – The best time to visit a college campus is while it is in session.  Elementary, middle, and high schools are celebrating the Lincoln’s Birthday and/or  Washington’s/President’s Day this month, but many colleges are still in session.   (Spring Break is another excellent time to visit a college campus since many school breaks vary.)
  2. Choosing a College to Visit – For starters, pick the one closest to you.  Get a feel for what’s around you as a comparison for visiting other colleges.  Note what you like or dislike about that college – size, location, atmosphere, majors available, etc.
  3. Parking & Traffic – Plan ahead, start out early, and be patient.  Search information on visitor parking locations, parking fees, and how to pay for parking.
  4. Public Transportation – Does the school have access to the bus, trolley, train, or other forms of public transportation?  If so, try it out!
  5. Admissions Office – Whether you are planning a formal scheduled tour or not, call or stop by the college admissions office to pick up a map and other campus information.
  6. Library – Get a feel for their quiet areas.  How do college students study?  What resources does the library have to offer besides books?  Printer access?  Computers to use?
  7. Housing – Check out the dorms and nearby apartments.  Visit  the housing office to see if you can take a quick tour of a dorm room or apartment.
  8. Meals – Where to students on campus typically eat?  What variety of options are available to them.  Grab a bite for lunch and hang out with the local students.
  9. Campus Life – Check out the banners, posters, and flyers around school to see what’s going on.  Ask students what they like to do around campus.  Get a feel for life as a college student on that campus.
  10. Book Store – Before you leave, stop by the local book store for some souvenirs.  If you are a fan of that college, why not buy a T-shirt, banner, mug, or sticker to support your dream!

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