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Finding Your Pearls

“I give myself permission

to be powerful.”

~ Positive Affirmation



Positive Affirmation

If you truly gave yourself permission to be powerful, to have the courage and self-esteem to ask for what you really want in life, what would you do?
Be powerful!

Advice. Life. Empowerment. Ambitions. Self-Esteem. Friendship. Confidence.

Monthly Archives: May 2013

May 26th Quote of the Week

“No one but you knows how hard you work, how many hours you put in behind the scenes, so rely on yourself for approval, not the outside world.” ~ Anonymous   

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Graduation Gifts

Do you have a child or grandchild, niece or nephew graduating from high school or college in May or June?  Graduations are a time for celebration AND a time for change that can bring other emotions such as:     … Continue reading

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May 19th Quote of the Week

“While mourning a loss, we may forget to cherish a new beginning.” ~ Karen Kramer        

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May 12th Quote of the Week

“A MOTHER is she who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take.” ~ Cardinal Mermillod    

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